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Feature on Service Mediation Interventions

In a recent post on The Brown Center Chalkboard, CBCSE Associate Director, Brooks Bowden, explains how to account for costs when evaluating Service Mediation Interventions (SMIs). CBCSE’s recent benefit-cost analysis of the SMI City Connects found that the benefits exceeded the costs regardless of how the cost of services was modeled.

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Feature on Cost-Effectiveness in Education

A new article from CBCSE Director, Professor Henry M. Levin, is featured in Evidence at the Crossroads, a series by the William T. Grant Foundation.



Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Early Reading Programs

A new CBCSE report has been published by the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, Analysis of Early Reading Programs: A Demonstration With Recommendations for Future Research.



Is Competency-Based Education Worth the Investment?

A new article by CBCSE Associate Director, Fiona Hollands, is published in EdSurge.



Quotes from Studies

The total social benefits attributable to a student graduating high school is $902,000 or 2.5 times as much as that of a high school dropout (Belfield, Hollands & Levin, 2011).
CENTER FOR BENEFIT-COST STUDIES OF EDUCATION is a research center located at Teachers College, Columbia University